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"We are all created equal" - says the old adage.  We all have similar DNA.
We and all things surrounding us are created from the same building blocks; a basic universal equality.  Yet once these building blocks are assembled we experience visual, physical, emotional and intellectual diversity.  This diversity bears harmony and cacophony; sadness and happiness; love and hatred; black and white; large and small; light and dark.
For years Dan Trajman, an accomplished painter and sculptor, has been searching for a media in which to represent such views of the world.  In seeking a medium that could reflect these ideas he yearned for a vehicle to translate his creative drive.  In late 2005 Dan created a new medium which he has named the DNAStyle, a visual, three-dimensional form based on simple pieces of red cedar.  The natural qualities of red cedar building blocks express warmth and sensuality, drawing the viewer in to explore the artwork and ideas behind it. The viewer is tempted to touch the artwork and analyze it at the micro level as well, examining the intricacies of chaotic patterns in the wood.
Dan has developed and expanded this visual language, evolving his artwork in a variety of wall and floor sculptures that convey intellectual messages, visual expressions, and human emotions. The visual and graphical language is continuing to evolve while maintaining a common thread in all the artworks: the little red cedar building blocks symbolizing life and limitless creations – opportunities accompanied by a black wood frame, always reminding us of our mortality.

dan trajman

44 Fair Oaks Drive
Lexington, MA 02421 USA
Tel: +1.617.320.1862
E-Mail: dan@dT-Studio.com

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